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Mi Nidito has been serving Tucson since 1952. It was then that a couple who moved from Sonora made a decision that is still impacting the lives of their family three generations later. The decision was between opening a Mexican food restaurant or a tortilla factory. The restaurant won and that is how Mi Nidito was created.

Mi Nidito was opened by Ernesto and Alicia Lopez on the corner of 4th Avenue and 29th Street in historic South Tucson. The restaurant is now owned by Ernest Lopez Jr. and wife Yolanda. Sons Jimmy and Ernie III help run the family business. The name Mi Nidito, which means "My Little Nest", was given to the restaurant because of its original small size.


Over the years that coziness has remained, as Mi Nidito has gone through a number of renovations. Busy weekends and a growing clientele prompted the most recent expansion, completed in 1992, giving the restaurant 35 additional seats.

A tradition in Tucson's Mexican restaurants, Mi Nidito features authentic sonoran cooking. You may have a short wait during peak dining hours, but it's well worth the wait. Service at Mi Nidito is as warm as a desert summer day.

Some of the dishes that have made Mi Nidito popular are: chile relleno, flautas, birria (shredded beef), chimichangas (deep fried burros) and enchiladas. Known as some of the best in town, these dishes hit the spot. Mi Nidito has been chosen by Hispanic Magazine as one of the nations top hispanic resturants and has won numerous awards in the past.


No surprise that such food and ambience attract some distinguished guests. The President of the United States, Bill Clinton, visited Mi Nidito on February 25, 1999. "The President's Plate" conmemorates his visit and has become a favorite menu item.


Other famous guests include: Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, Interior Secretary, Bruce Babbit, Ed Pastor, Jim Kolbe, Enrique Iglesias, Paul Rodriguez, Willie Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Rich Little, William Shatner, Kurt Russell, Dubbs Taylor, Beau Bridges, Fran Tarkenton, Jimmy Smitts, Sam Elliot, Bob Lily, John Force, Jalen Presly, Sean Elliot, Jim Furyk, Steve Kerr and many more.

So when in town don't forget to visit Mi Nidito for some great Mexican food at reasonable prices. We will make your visit a memorable one...

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